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Jim Cashel

Jim Cashel co-founded Forum One in 1996, inspired by the possibilities of the internet and online communities. He has an eclectic background: a bachelor’s degree in human biology from Stanford, a master’s from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and a medical degree from Harvard Medical School. As Forum One’s Chairman, Jim works with the senior management team on strategic and leadership issues, helping to support Forum One’s continuing mission of applying new and promising technologies to address societal problems of importance. In 2018-2019 Jim was a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. He recently published the book The Great Connecting: The Emergence of Global Broadband and How That Changes Everything.

Favorite issues:

  • Energy
  • Health

It may surprise you:

  • He speaks Spanish and Russian (and some Mandarin)
  • He’s a co-founder of Forum One!

Can’t live without:

  • Snowboarding
  • Warm beaches
  • Exotic travel

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