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Madalyn Purcell

Madalyn strives to create the best possible user experience while also meeting the needs of clients. Her interests include analyzing the information architecture of a system and how users navigate it, as well as creating designs that empathize with users and allow them to achieve their goals. She has contributed to designing the interface of an automotive software tool that predicts fuel economy and redesigning the website of the entrepreneurship hub at her alma mater. Madalyn earned her Bachelor of Science in Information with a specialization in User Experience Design at the University of Michigan. 

Favorite issues:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Health

It may surprise you:

  • She’s an ambivert (both an introvert and extrovert)
  • Her top strengths include being strategic, a learner, and an arranger

Can’t live without:

  • Her friends and family
  • Her camera

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