Web Coffee on Drupal

A special Forum One client-only event


Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
1.00-1.30pm EST

Join us for an online client-only event to talk about all things Drupal!

Whether you’re a Drupal 7 user, Drupal 8 user, or new to Drupal altogether, we want to hear your  Drupal questions, concerns, challenges, and success stories. Sarah LeNguyen, Forum One’s Chief Technology Officer, will be answering all of your questions and leading a live video chat about the upcoming Drupal 9 release.

We are creating a space for you to:

  • Share your questions about Drupal amongst peers who may have similar struggles and questions;
  • Discuss ideas and approaches on how to best use Drupal for your organization’s needs; and
  • Take in some practical tips that can help ensure you are prepared for your next Drupal steps.

Our moderator:

Sarah LeNguyen, Chief Technology Officer, Forum One
Sarah is responsible for delivering smart technical solutions that satisfy our clients’ complex and varying business goals and customizes and configures themes and modules for client projects. Sarah received a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master’s in Electronic Communication and Publishing from University College London. Sarah spent eight years as a web developer or tech lead for a variety of small web shops in the DC area and has worked on the content and digital strategy.