How Is Your Nonprofit Digital Strategy Creating Impact in 2021?

Following a rocky and challenging 2020, how is your nonprofit digital strategy creating impact in 2021? In a time where the world is shifting rapidly, and the need to adapt and change is essential, developing a digital strategy that is both flexible and focused on impact is an important first step.

Developing an Impactful Nonprofit Digital StrategyAt Forum One, we are laser focused on turning ideas into impact. Over the last year, we’ve worked with our nonprofit partners and clients to adapt and change amidst the global pandemic. For many organizations, the need to modify priorities has been stressful but absolutely necessary as budgets have had to shift, messaging needed to be updated, and tactical efforts had to be completely reimagined.

To support you in managing an effective 2021 digital strategy that is turning your good ideas into real-life impact, we’ve created the Developing an Impactful Nonprofit Digital Strategy white paper. It provides you with both high-level strategic guidance as well as practical steps and tips to ensure that you are covering the most important bases to make your 2021 strategy a success.

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