Drive Impact with a Digital Program

Your large nonprofit or government agency is a complex business, with complex operations that aim to make progress on some of the hardest domestic and global challenges we face—from health, to education, sustainability, social justice, and more. 

Over the past two years, it’s likely that the number of digital initiatives within your organization has grown—likely out of necessity, not by plan. And if you have a plan, you’re probably finding that executing on that plan across your complex business and really making progress is difficult.

So, how do you design and execute a comprehensive digital program that drives impact across your entire organization for the long haul?

In this webinar, we’ll be sharing how to:

  • Create buy-in and alignment at the right level
  • Connect your digital program to organizational impact
  • Integrate digital into mission delivery

Who is this webinar for?

Senior leadership from across Operations, Information Technology, Programs, and Communications from large nonprofits and government agencies.


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