Audience Research

What is audience research? And why do you need it? Audience research compiles important information about groups of people that your organization would like to target. It helps you to understand the differences between each audience group — their pain points, needs, and behaviors, among other things — and allows you to segment them by their common traits.

Once you have defined and segmented your target audiences, you can customize and communicate in a more personalized and effective way. Knowing your audiences allows you to develop a strong communications strategy that helps optimize your team’s performance and achieve your organization’s goals.

Define your audiences

What kind of people do you contact on a regular basis? Are they donors, funders, customers, or stakeholders? What do you want expect from them? And what do they expect from you? Exploring, defining and segmenting your audience types allows you to focus on the kinds of activities and messaging that speak best to your audiences. Forum One works with nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and private corporations to determine who are the most important audiences, and what types of strategies need to be deployed to get them to engage with you.

Prioritize and customize your outreach

Audience personas and journey maps allow you to define the right path and right message for your target audiences. From segmentation to prioritization, Forum One works with you to develop content and messaging that gives your audiences exactly what they hope to receive from you, and in return create long-term support for your cause.

Our Audience Research and Analysis Services include:

  • Audience persona development
  • Audience research and analysis
  • Audience surveys and interviews
  • Audience workshops
  • Outreach strategy
  • Voice and tone development
  • Personalized messaging
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Content strategy

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