Data Storytelling

Everyone likes a good story. Data tells a story. When your story can be illustrated and supported by the actual results of your work, it makes it more powerful, engaging, and credible.

If a picture is a worth a thousands words, then a well-visualized data story is worth a million. From creative campaigns focused on data, to rich interactive online reports, we help your ideas get the attention they deserve through strategic, interactive UX and design. Your organization can, and likely has, an overwhelming amount of data — but none of it is of value unless you can draw a compelling narrative from that data.

Developing a Narrative

Forum One works with clients to analyze and develop compelling data stories. We work to align what the data is telling us to the work and initiatives your organization has completed and how that has impacted your target audiences. Data storytelling can be a powerful way to communicate your organization’s work and impact, inspire and drive action from your users.

Creating Tools to Tell a Story

We work with organizations to understand the type of story they need to tell, which often incorporates several different types of content from compelling text to animated story-driven videos to data visualizations and other interactive elements. Forum One builds flexible and easy-to-use tools that allow organizations to create compelling digital stories and to evolve their data storytelling over time.

Driving Audiences to Action

Data Storytelling is a powerful tool to drive your audiences to take action and to support your work as an organization in increasingly-higher value ways. We work with our clients to identify those actions and turn the stories you are telling into funnels to inspire target audiences to get involved.

Our Data Storytelling Services include:

Website & Data Audits
Data Communications Strategies
Open Data Implementation
Data Visualization Design
Infographic Design

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