Digital Communications Strategy

Whether you work for a nonprofit, foundation, government agency, or a private corporation, a well-constructed digital communications strategy is your path to success. It guides you to effectively demonstrate your work, promote your mission, drive target audiences to engage, and, ultimately, help achieve your organization’s objectives.

But creating a solid communications strategy is easier said than done. It requires you to devote time and resources to assessing your current approach, learning and segmenting your audiences, and optimizing your existing software tools.

Know your starting point

Prior to crafting a strategic plan, you need to be clear about the current state-of-play. What is your team already doing? What’s working and what’s not? The answers to these questions will inform you of your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to prioritize your resources and activities.

Align organizational goals with communications goals

Remember: your communications strategy exists to help deliver on your organization’s overall goals. When determining communications goals, always be sure to have your organization’s goals in mind and think about what can be done by your team to help better achieve your objectives.

Prioritize your audiences

Who are your audiences? What are they looking for? How should you prioritize them? Different audiences should be approached in different ways. The first step is to know your target audiences and their behavior. Forum One works with you to conduct in-depth audience research and develop effective outreach practices for each audience group.

Tell your story

Weave your organization’s narrative and value propositions using smart copy, stunning creative design, compelling video, and more. We help you develop the right voice and tone with the most relevant messages for different audience groups.

Whether you need to build a bigger and more impactful donor base, create a vibrant grassroots advocacy community, reach supporters around a major event, or raise awareness of an important issue, Forum One will create a tailored communications strategy that helps you get there.

Our Digital Communications Strategy Services include:

  • Market/competitor research and analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection
  • Goal mapping
  • Audience research
  • Marketing & CRM integration
  • Editorial calendars
  • Messaging
  • Email template design
  • Digital communications strategy planning

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