Digital Fundraising

When it comes to supporting causes that people feel passionate about, more and more of those donations are taking place online, through web platforms and social media channels.

Whether you are still in the early stages of building out your fundraising strategy, or you are looking to modernize your current approach, Forum One is here to help.

You and your team have compelling stories ready to share with your audiences. But how can you effectively leverage various digital communications channels to conduct a successful digital fundraising campaign? The first step is to know your goal. From there, you can start to map out these next steps.

Donor research: know your audience (and what they care about)

Communicating effectively begins with thorough donor research and analysis. Rather than working purely of best practices and effective patterns, take the time to learn about your donors: their goals, motivations, pain points, needs and behaviors, among other things. Surveys, interviews and data analysis provide you with valuable insight and allow you to approach each project with a donor-centric mindset and solution.

Optimizing your digital channels

People want to give, so make it easy for them. Forum One can help design and optimize your organization’s digital platforms to provide your audiences with a richer experience. We analyze site data to find the best locations for your donation buttons, and create the right messages to encourage giving. We also provide social media strategies that help you select the most important performance indicators to get closer to your digital goals.

Forum One has experience in supporting nonprofits in improving their digital fundraising strategy. We work with you to refine your goals, review your donation analytics across your web and social channels, and analyze your audience’s behavior so that you can gain further support for your mission through donations as well as community engagement.

Our Digital Fundraising Services include:

  • Website and social data audits
  • Web, social and email fundraising campaign strategies
  • Donor research
  • Donor communications strategy
  • Content inventory and audits
  • Voice and tone development
  • Data-driven design
  • Fundraising analytics

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Fundraising strategies can be complex beasts. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how you can develop or improve your approach to maximize impact.