Google Data Studio

The insights you can derive from web analytics are extremely valuable. However, interpreting these data is never easy. Google Data Studio provides you with a platform that turns your data into powerful reports and dashboards that can be customized by your organization’s needs.

Whether your goal is to raise donations, get volunteers to support your cause, or increase newsletter sign-ups, Google Data Studio offers beautiful and informative dashboards that give you the ability to visualize your data to shape your nonprofit’s digital strategies.

Access to the data you need

Data studio allows you to easily access data from different sources, and you can customize dashboards with metrics that can best track the performance of your initiatives, with no code or SQL queries required. With just a few clicks, you can create informative, up-to-the minute data reports that help measure the performance of your goals.

Data transformation

You can further segment your data by geographic location, time, or other dimensions available within your data sources.

Improve team collaboration

Google Data Studio also improves team collaboration. Charts and graphs are easily shareable, which allows your team to have the access to the data they need for their jobs. It gives team members a clear overview of where you stand and helps you to make better decisions.

Forum One works with nonprofits, foundations, government agencies and private corporations to uncover tangible, actionable data, and then transforms and visualizes these data using Google’s Data Studio. Our experts customize reports and dashboards with indicators and metrics that matter most for your team to optimize outcomes and maximize impact.

Our Google Data Studio services include:

  • Data integration
  • Report customization and design
  • Dashboard customization
  • Analytics goal setting

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