Impact Analysis

Does your organization have difficulty understanding and communicating its impact? Can you track the impact of your programmatic focuses or the impact of smaller initiatives?

Nothing is more impactful for your audiences than being able to correlate your organization’s efforts and initiatives with real world impact.

We understand that tracking and communicating impact can be extremely challenging. We also know that understanding impact is critical for internal and external reasons. Impact analysis gives you the tools as an organization to talk more specifically about your success with external partners and stakeholders. It also gives you critical insight into tailoring and adjusting your organization’s work in order to better achieve the impact you are looking to make.

Forum One works with you to conduct impact analysis that is focused on providing you with the tools to understand and communicate your impact with target audiences and program beneficiaries.

Defining Success

We work with our clients to clearly define success for their organizations. We start with a high-level organization focus and work down into analyzing individual programmatic efforts and initiatives. We then work to define a specific set of quantitative and qualitative impact analysis metrics and a strategy to track them over time.

Tracking and Measuring Progress

With a strong understanding of the individual impact metrics that your organization wishes to affect, we can start working to track and measure that success. We work with our clients to implement a strategic plan to set a benchmark for impact analysis and continually measure against those benchmarks to understand overall programmatic success.

Communicating Impact

With the impact analysis data we have tracked and measured against, your organization can feel confident in communicating your actual impact and how it is changed over time. We work with clients to transform the impact analysis we have conducted into compelling stories that inspire your target audiences.

Our Impact Analysis Services include:

  • Defining Success: KPI Selection
  • Audience Research and Analysis
  • Communicating Impacts

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