Open Source Development

At Forum One, we believe that collaboration is at the center of digital innovation, which is why we use open source software as the main solution to our clients’ development needs.

Open Source development means that our developers have access to the most up-to-date technology to build sites that are flexible, beautiful, and cutting-edge.

Why We Believe in Open Source

Open Source gives us the ability to provide the best code as a result of the rapid innovation that comes hand in hand with collaboration. WordPress and Drupal communities mean that we are supported by thousands of other developers and are not beholden to the rules set out by proprietary vendors. In addition to the forward-looking nature of open source development, our clients don’t have to spend their budgets on paying for software with restrictions, so that you have the freedom to create more impactful, secure, and flexible digital spaces.

Our Services

  • Custom WordPress and Drupal development
  • WordPress and Drupal upgrades
  • WordPress and Drupal maintenance and support
  • WordPress and Drupal site audits
  • Responsive design

Looking to switch to Open Source?

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