UX Audience Research

Who are you targeting and what do you want them to do? Forum One will help you prioritize your audiences and then conduct research and analysis to ensure we’re designing for them. 

Creating a product that meets your goals begins with audience research and analysis provide you with valuable insight into your audiences and allows us to approach a project with an audience-centric mindset and solution.

Rather than designing purely off of best-practices and effective patterns, we take the time to learn about your primary audiences: their goals, motivations, pain points, needs, behaviors, among other things. We utilize all that we learn to inform our decisions.

Let’s Learn About Your Audiences

We direct you in prioritizing your audiences and from there send out surveys to start collecting answers to our questions and validating our assumptions. We then pursue interviews with participants that have a lot of feedback to share. We have a directed conversation to probe them for more insight into their experiences and expectations. We compile this information into personas and journey maps after thorough analysis to then use in our design efforts.  

Our Audience Research and Analysis Services

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Personas

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