UX Service Design

You’ve got a great product that requires many touchpoints with your audiences – have you thought through each of those interactions?

Forum One will not only design the tools that your audiences use, but also the experience they have with your service or product.

Many times as we’re designing a product, particularly one used in a multi-step process, we find that offline activities greatly impact the design. Quite often, there’s improvements that can be made to your audiences’ experiences and journeys. Forum One already does extensive research into your audiences to build your product, which coupled with our strategic background, we also would love to design the overall experience of your service.

Building Out Your Service

We pull the data we’ve collected from audience research and document the user’s path across the multiple channels that they may interact with your organization on. We also document what their needs, goals, and motivation, etc. are at various points in their journey. We try out your service ourselves, reviewing at each point to collect the pain points and improvements. We design the various processes that occur throughout, both online and offline, and across all channels. Finally, we improve upon the current journey and experience with our recommendations and designs.

Our Service Design Services

  • Journey maps
  • Channel analysis
  • Service blueprint
  • Workflows

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