UX Usability Testing

Has a particular part of your site been difficult to use? Do you want to ensure that it will be successful? Forum One will conduct usability tests with your audiences to verify the new design.

Usability testing allows us to confirm that the design we created is successful, along with being able to observe what users actually do and expect to be able to do on your site. It provides us with real data and feedback that we can use to iterate upon the design to improve the overall experience of your site.

What Do We Test?

By conducting usability testing, we can validate key information architecture (IA) decisions such as our navigation choices, the layout choices, the component designs, labelling, flows, etc. We observe participants as they complete a set of tasks to test the redesigned website and to identify major issues or improvements. We also conduct other forms of testing to either confirm the hierarchy of the site, or see what users are drawn to first, etc. Usability testing is an invaluable resource and we highly recommend it!

Our Usability Testing Services

  • Usability testing
  • Cardsorts
  • First-click tests
  • Tree tests
  • A/B tests

Further Reading

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