How-To Guide: Create an Impactful Measurement Plan

When it comes to reporting, it’s easy to fall into the activity trap of simply reciting a list of all the things you and your team completed that period, e.g., you published two reports with thousands of downloads, live-tweeted at three events, and sent out emails with thousands of clickthroughs.

However, the sum of your communications activities does not equal communications success. Success lies in the story of how you are moving your mission forward. And that’s the value of developing an impactful measurement plan, including a set of sophisticated Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, that can communicate that story to your team, your stakeholders, and the rest of the world.

Whether you’re just getting started, or want to make sure you’ve been using the correct KPIs for your own activities, get your copy of Forum One’s new How-To Guide to Create an Impactful Measurement Plan to carve out the best path yet!

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