Developing an Impactful Nonprofit Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a clear vision for the future of your organization’s digital ecosystem and a plan to get there. In a rapidly-changing world, it’s crucial for organizations to focus on a digital strategy that is rooted in organizational goals, audience needs, and the impact you are hoping to achieve.

Nonprofits and government agencies are always thinking about how they can use their resources wisely, so it is vital that they consider how to strategically use technology investments. At Forum One, we believe that a successful digital strategy should be flexible enough to accommodate technology and organizational changes and specific enough to chart a clear course that the entire organization can align with. A nonprofit digital strategy should also consider four dimensions of digital transformation that are essential for success: people, architecture, routines, and culture.

We’ve developed a white paper to help mission-driven organizations approach their digital strategy. No two strategies are the same; our white paper helps you build a foundation for what to consider when putting together your strategy for years to come.

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