SEO Checklist for Nonprofits

Making time for search engine optimization (SEO) can often feel like a “nice-to-have.” If there is one digital communications message you should remind yourself of this year, it’s that SEO matters. SEO strategy can make your job easier by driving people to the right content so that you can focus on other tasks.  Download our SEO Checklist for Nonprofits to tackle your SEO strategy and optimize how people find your content.

You may have a beautiful new website, but if your SEO isn’t optimized, your target audience isn’t going to find you. 91.5% of web searches don’t result in the user going past the first page of results. Your content needs to be showing up on that first page if your organization is going to be a subject-matter expert or thought leader in your field. Optimizing your SEO helps to raise awareness, boost online donations, and strengthen your support network. It guides the right audiences to your content and increases the likelihood that they will take action and engage with your mission. 

We’ve developed the 2020 SEO Checklist for Nonprofits, which focuses on on-page optimization, to help manage the workload. Download, print, and tape this resource up on the wall beside your screen. Run down this SEO checklist to make sure that you’re following best practices when developing new content (i.e., blog posts, landing pages, etc.). We’ve made it simple for you to be successful with your SEO strategy!

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