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Bellwether Education Partners is a nonprofit that helps education organizations become more effective in achieving results for students through strategic advising, policy and thought leadership, and talent advising.

Forum One worked with Bellwether to develop the branding, content strategy, and website for its new Learning Landscape report, which summarizes key research insights about the state of K-12 education in the United States. We re-imagined the report from a PDF to an interactive online long-form piece developed in WordPress that expands the reach of Bellwether’s work, engages new audiences, and better serves its users in the education community.

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Expanding an Established Brand

Our creative team crafted a brand for the report, “The Learning Landscape,” to instantly convey its focus and put its data in context. Our designers created a modern look and feel for the report that fit within Bellwether’s core brand, but extended it to include a revitalized visual palette that was more inviting, clear, and compelling.

Intuitive Experience Combined with the Rigor of Big Data

The Learning Landscape report collects and incorporates a massive amount of data from numerous sources, including the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress, public school systems, think tanks, journals, publications, and others. For users, the site experience is structured by an intuitive in-page chapter navigation to help readers quickly and easily navigate through the longform content. We also developed a footnote tool to make it easier for Bellwether to manage citations, and easier for readers to find and reference them.


Flexible Data Visualizations in WordPress

To manage the volume of data used in the report, we built the report website in WordPress with scalability, flexibility, and ease of updates in mind. Bellwether’s team can upload new datasets to create interactive data visualizations and infographics that inherit the brand and styles we created for the report, and they can update these graphics over time as new data are available.

Putting Content in Context

The report is organized into six chapters, focused on Student Achievement; Accountability, Standards, and Assessment; School Finance, Teacher Effectiveness; Charter Schools; and Philanthropy in K-12 Education. Because the report covers such a broad range of topics and variety of messages, it was a challenge to effectively and succinctly describe its findings. Our team worked in-person with Bellwether to craft the core message for each chapter, and to conceptualize and write the content for the Learning Landscape homepage. We married that content work with design to create a homepage that explains the significance of the report and helps new and returning visitors alike to immediately find their way to the parts of the report that are most relevant for them.

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Presenting content through a web-based platform was a relatively new venture for Bellwether, and Forum One was a fantastic partner from the beginning. They engaged us as thought partners throughout the design process, ensuring that we understood our options and their implications. It was a challenging task to essentially transform a book into a website, and we are thrilled with the result."