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Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is a leading voice working to pass sensible gun laws, reform the gun industry, and educate and mobilize the public on issues of gun violence.

Forum One has worked with the Brady Campaign since early 2014 to refresh its brand, grow and engage grassroots supporters, increase donations, and improve the usability of its digital platforms.

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A Recognized Leader, Through Fresh Eyes

In 2014, Forum One helped the Brady Campaign to define and enact a new messaging strategy and tone aimed at increasing engagement. We worked with the Brady team on an extensive overhaul of their content strategy and how they presented their brand to the public.

For the main Brady website, our multi-platform branding strategy drove 25% more site traffic, increased search traffic, and grew mobile traffic by 66% with a new, responsive design.


Getting Creative to Find New Audiences

For its 2014 state scorecard on gun policy issues, Brady wanted to shift away from producing another .pdf report and deliver something more engaging. Our Forum One team devised the creative concept forĀ CrimAdvisor, which parodied the TripAdvisor travel review website, and created a new logo, brand, imagery, and state-specific content., a Drupal-based microsite, launched in 2015, and 90% of the users it drew were new to Brady. Our work spurred thousands of people to get involved by signing petitions, donating, and seeking out additional information around the site and on our accompanying scorecard data page.

Sound Strategy to Increase Engagement

Following the successful launch of the new, Brady called on Forum One to help boost its 2014 end of year fundraising campaign.

Our fundraising strategy, creative concepts, UX improvements, and development work fueled a 10% increase in campaign donations over the previous year.

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