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Enabling Thoughtful Conversations on Global Defense and Security

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is one of the world’s most important centers of thinking on defense and international security. They host more than 2,000 events each year and publish new content every day from leading experts tackling the most pressing global issues.

CSIS has partnered with Forum One since 2008, when we launched the previous version of their site. To prepare for the new in 2016, we have been working with the CSIS team on content, user experience, design, and development to create a website that pulls audiences into the thoughtful, timely conversations CSIS leads every day to address critical challenges.

Live site

Shaping a Full-Circle User Experience

CSIS and Forum One worked together to give site visitors an immersive experience with the content. Through comprehensive and thoughtful strategy activities, including a content audit, design workshop, interviews and questionnaires for stakeholders, and comparator analysis, we got to know CSIS’s audiences and their goals, and the depth and breadth of analysis that CSIS offers. We learned that policymakers and government officials come to CSIS to get a nuanced, thoughtful perspective on critical global issues. Our team then began crafting the entire site, from articles to program pages, to support that experience.

Designed to Keep the Conversation Going

Our team worked to develop a site design and content structure that reflects CSIS’s thought leadership and reinforces its high level of influence in the global public policy conversation. The Forum One team crafted a beautiful experience that draws audiences into CSIS’s commentary and publications. To keep up with CSIS’s high volume of work, we designed the homepage to feature fresh content every day, making it easy for visitors to see what’s new and for content managers to post the latest.

We also designed the site to show off CSIS’s wealth of visual and multimedia assets, including hundreds of videos, event podcasts, and specially produced content. We configured both the user experience and the technical solution so that multimedia elements never stand on their own – they become compelling additions to cohesive, active packages of content.


Real-Time Engagement, On-Demand

Forum One dynamically configured CSIS’s new event pages in Drupal to show live streams during events, then automatically switch to allow people to watch the recorded video or listen to the audio after an event has ended. The video even automatically converts to a recording on YouTube after the event. This not only saves CSIS’s web team countless hours of video management, but it also helps audiences get immersed in CSIS’s thought leadership any time, on their own schedules.

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