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Supporting Unparalleled Family-Centered Care for Children

Established in 1978, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation is dedicated to advancing the mission of Children’s Hospital Colorado through family-centered care and cutting-edge research and treatment. The goal of the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation is to care for and cure children through the provision of high-quality care, education, research, and advocacy.

The Foundation had to strengthen their online storytelling with content closely aligned with their in-person experience to be positioned as the charity of choice in the Denver area. The organization needed to rethink its digital ecosystem from the ground up and optimize how they are attracting, engaging and growing their target audiences, including donors and supporters.

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Building a strategy to show value

To build a base for our work and ensure the Foundation’s overarching goals are met, the Forum One team spoke with current and potential donors, as well as other stakeholders, to fully understand the needs and behaviors of the people at the heart of the Foundation’s digital strategy. We conducted a comprehensive landscape analysis and full audits of their technical ecosystem, communications, and analytics. Once we had a good sense of our starting point, we conducted workshops to clarify our understanding of the target audience and determine the goals and priorities for the Foundation’s new digital strategy.

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

We took the findings from the background research and designed a digital strategy and three-year roadmap to reach the Foundation’s digital engagement and fundraising goals. The recommendations we made led to working with the Foundation to design and execute an integration between several key technology platforms to ensure a smooth and effective digital transformation.  

The work done by our team to create an effective digital transformation provides the Foundation with a platform for increased collaboration and efficiency. With their new digital ecosystem, the Foundation now has increased flexibility with their online strategy that allows them to create compelling content to engage their audience and drive needed stakeholder action.

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“Stakeholders across the Foundation now have a shared understanding of the value of digital philanthropy as a critical program. At the executive level, the digital ecosystem and corresponding marketing efforts are seen as an investment in revenue and growth, rather than an expense. Foundation team members are working together cross-functionally to develop marketing and technology solutions to engage with supporters online and enhance revenue.”

Katelyn McArdle, Digital Strategy Manager