Case Study

Unifying EPA’s Web Presence to Protect the Environment

As the flagship website of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, represents the diverse work of tens of thousands of EPA employees in their mission to protect the environment. EPA came to Forum One to develop a new Drupal-based version of to unify their web presence under the “One EPA Web” initiative.

We created a centralized online experience that helps EPA’s site visitors – and EPA’s content managers – accomplish their tasks more effectively.

Live Site

Take a Look, Make it Your Own

Our team worked with EPA to create a more consistent design across multiple sites, while offering enough flexibility for content teams to serve their unique users.

Forum One created a number of standard page layouts in the CMS and gave EPA a set of predefined design tools that let content managers combine and plug-in components as needed, maintaining a cohesive look and feel across sites with targeted content.


Weave a Web, Skip the Tangles

With a large and distributed team of content managers, EPA needed some simple, reliable tools to organize people and enforce quality standards.

Forum One used Drupal’s Organic Groups and State Machine modules to create groupings of editorial teams (“web areas”) along with structured workflow tools to help editors review content for timeliness and accuracy.

Responsive Design that’s Ready for Anything

The new features a responsive design that carries over EPA’s existing visual web design and allows the site to work seamlessly across a variety of devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones), enabling a wide range of audiences to easily access the site however suits them best.

Through an Agile process of prioritization, EPA and Forum One are continuing to bring more EPA sites to responsive design.

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