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Crafting a Brand Narrative to Democratize Philanthropy

When Forum One began partnering with Global Impact, they were in the beginning stages of developing and designing a means to democratize philanthropy. What eventually became known as Growfund, this platform allows users to make charitable contributions to a donor-advised fund platform with no minimum that are immediately tax-deductible, invest funds that can grow free of taxes, and contribute to their favorite organizations and causes over time.

Starting with the idea that potential users of Growfund were a “community of game-changers,” Forum One and Global Impact worked together to craft the brand narrative and create a compelling user experience from start to finish. This is the first-ever product of its kind that allows donors to save or invest their charitable giving at the first $1 and take it with them for a lifetime.

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Creating a Unique Brand Story

At the outset, Global Impact was looking to create a brand story for their new platform, one that would reach their target audiences and guide them through the Growfund experience. The Forum One team began by developing brand attributes and a voice for the new brand as a foundation for the project. Working with the Global Impact team, Forum One built definition of the brand through iteratively offering a new name for the product, associated slogans and marketing text, and a refined look and feel. The end product was the Growfund name, the logo that users see now, and the green and blue color palette used throughout the site and marketing materials.

Content and Design that Support the Narrative

Building on the brand foundation, the team began the storytelling process. The Global Impact and Forum One teams discussed how users would want to digest the content, what the calls to action should be, and how the content would best be displayed. This resulted in the first iterations of the homepage including the copy, imagery, and associated visual assets. To ensure that the brand would maintain longevity and that the Global Impact team could successfully market the Growfund platform, the teams partnered to create a messaging architecture, voice and tone, and suggested marketing campaigns for the brand.


Invest. Grow. Change everything

The Growfund platform, which is built on Stellar technology, was in development while Forum One worked with Global Impact on the brand and needed a compelling entry point. The team was ready to bring Growfund to life and give users the opportunity to take action as communicated through the slogan. Using the branding, messaging, and first round homepage designs, Forum One designed and built the site as the landing page for the platform. The site is the first place users can go to learn more about Growfund, sign in, and share their stories. The site was custom-designed, giving users multiple areas to learn about the value of Growfund and how it works and to ensure potentials users that no matter how small their initial contribution, the platform helps them securely grow these investments and make a difference in their world.

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"Forum One worked with us as a true partner, helping us shape the narrative and messaging that is crucial to Growfund's success."