Case Study

The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grantmaking and social investing in arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and community development.

Working as part of an integrated team with Michigan-based Kresge, Q Ltd., and The Understanding Group (TUG), Forum One themed and built Kresge’s new website in Drupal 7. We implemented the UX/UI designs as created by Q, and the site structure and information architecture as defined by TUG. Forum One also recommended, selected, and configured the right Drupal modules and technology tools, advised on technical strategy and tradeoffs, and provided training.

The relaunched Kresge website is a beautiful, fully responsive website that makes it easier for organizations across the country to find grant opportunities and resources to improve their communities.

Live site

Choosing (and Creating) the Right Tools for the Job

Our theming and development work, based on Q’s design mockups, included a large number of custom page types and custom features that carry across those types. We built everything on our open-source Gesso starter theme, which we developed in-house and optimized for usable, accessible, fully responsive design.


We took advantage of Drupal’s rich community of contributed modules to recommend, configure, and implement tools to improve the experience for Kresge’s readers and content managers. We used the Paragraphs module for more flexible content editing and presentation, and Scald for seamless media management. We also applied PanelizerEntity Panels, and Panels Everywhere to use Panels all across the site for a consistent design implementation.

Our team also investigated options for managing Kresge’s email list subscriptions and, based on their needs and constraints, recommended and helped set up the third-party Campaign Monitor tool.


Collaboration Works (Four Ways!)

With work happening concurrently among four organizations, careful planning and close coordination with our partners was essential. Forum One developed a detailed Site Build Plan based on the initial strategy, wireframes, and UX/UI design provided by TUG and Q. The plan included estimates for the features and work required to launch the site; and we worked with the team to update the plan as the site design was finalized.

Forum One also created, refined, and executed a comprehensive Release Plan and stayed in close contact with our partners at every step of the way with frequent check-ins. The end result was a successful site launch in December 2015.

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Forum One was a very knowledgeable technical partner in the Kresge website redesign effort. They paid close attention to design details and set up the Drupal CMS so that it was easy for Kresge content editors to create and update pages.”