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Expanding Global Advocacy for Childhood Assessments and Growth

Save the Children, the world’s leading independent organization for children, found that in the field of Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), there were very few international tools available that could holistically and directly measure children’s development and emergent skills. To close this gap, they began in 2011 developing and validating the International Development and Early Learning Assessment (IDELA).

The IDELA is a direct child assessment for 3 to 6-year-olds that measures motor development, emergent language and literacy, emergent numeracy, and social-emotional development. Since Save the Children publicly launched the IDELA in September 2014, its uses and users have expanded; 23 partners, including research institutions, international aid organizations and government bodies have now used it in projects in over 40 countries.

Forum One partnered with the IDELA team in 2017 to create an online portal and dynamic knowledge hub for IDELA in WordPress that serves as a central repository for international ECCD evidence and a community to share global advocacy program and policy best practices.

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Powerful Tools to Explore and Review IDELA Resources

Using the WordPress CMS, we provided a range of flexible content tools for IDELA to share their wide variety of resources and data, starting with a clear navigation and page structure to help audiences find the information they need. We developed a searchable resource library that lets users explore IDELA’s content and findings from programs and studies implemented by Save the Children and its external partners. Users can now search IDELA’s vast collection of resources — many of which are multilingual and include content in multiple languages on the same page — by country or topic.

We also worked with the IDELA team to house their suite of data visualizations and map, accessible via the site’s data library and integrated seamlessly throughout resources and data pages. Our team designed pages on which the Save the Children team could integrate data visualizations that they created using Tableau; IDELA content managers can incorporate these sitewide to maintain brand cohesiveness.

Designing a Brand Within a Brand

In creating the brand vision for the new IDELA site, we needed to balance adhering to the overall Save the Children brand guidelines with establishing a unique identity for the IDELA tool. Our creative team used an extended color palette to develop original colors that lived within the Save the Children branding for the IDELA site, and crafted original design elements that illustrated IDELA’s unique work with children around the world. Our front-end developers added distinct theming elements such as animations to guide users’ eyes to different pages and keep them engaged on the site.

Save the Children approved our design system for IDELA as consistent with the overall brand, and we created a subsidiary branding guide so the team can maintain the distinct IDELA brand, while keeping it connected to Save the Children.

Streamlining Member Access and Approvals

The IDELA site has a special password-protected area for members where they can access all of the site’s content, including toolkits, instruction guides, videos, and more. We managed the levels of access behind the scenes, and worked with the IDELA team to automate part of their member approval process by incorporating a new online form, simplifying and speeding up what had been a more cumbersome, manual process.

We are continuing our work with the IDELA team by providing hosting and ongoing support to the site. Our analytics team also configured the site’s Google Analytics instance to collect and report actionable statistics on site performance to inform future improvements.

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It has been great working with Forum One. Working with the Forum One team on this project was one of the smoothest, logical and efficient experiences I have had in doing a web build for an organization. And the end result is fantastic.”