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Connecting Women to Change the Face of Political Leadership

She Should Run knows that adding more women in government infuses new perspectives and ideas to solve the complicated issues we face as a nation. They also know that women often don’t imagine themselves in elected office or see themselves as qualified until someone asks them, so the premise is simple: provide a place to nominate an amazing woman to run for office.

After seeing the interest from women who were nominated, She Should Run realized that they needed a next step. Forum One worked with their team to create the She Should Run Incubator, which helps women envision themselves in elected office and find the right pathways to get there.

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Putting Primary Focus on Our Audiences

The Forum One Team started by working with She Should Run to understand their primary audiences – women interested in exploring a run for elected office, and their potential supporters and donors. We worked on uncovering their motivations and potential barriers to participation, and on creating calls to action that would resonate. Together, the team developed a messaging architecture that would support their audiences’ needs and drive them toward clear goals.

Charting a Path with Focused, Relevant Narratives

To successfully reach these audiences, we developed a brand narrative for each. We determined the most effective way to talk about the brand and represent it visually for participants, donors, and supporters who would encourage women to participate. This work resulted in a pitch deck and script for potential funders, and Incubator-specific print collateral for funders and participants. We also got clarity on how participants would use the Incubator, including page design and site elements.


Making it Easy to Stay On-Message

Once we had a solid foundation, we started on the content for the Incubator. The team refined existing material through defining content “types” and sharpening the message to provide the specific kind of experience that we wanted participants to have. We mapped out how to present the content, how users would work through the curriculum, and where we needed to create unique solutions. The final site allows participants to sign up, track their progress, and share their stories. It also offers ways for anyone to learn more about the Incubator and She Should Run.

Helping Women Find a Way

When we started working with She Should Run, they had a clearly identified gap: they were getting nominations for incredible women who might be willing to run for office – someday. There are groups of every political persuasion to help candidates actually run, but there was no one who was helping women define their leadership and shape their careers to prepare them for success. With the launch of the She Should Run Incubator, there is now a tool that is available to any woman to help her take the next step – and to find her own path.

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"From developing the narrative and voice to their digital expertise and beautiful, creative design, the dedicated team at Forum One were the partners we needed to bring our vision for a new program and platform to life."