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State of Aadhaar

India’s state-run Aadhaar program is the world’s largest biometric identity system, aiming to provide every citizen with a unique, 12-digit ID number. With more than 1.1 billion people enrolled so far, the program generates a massive amount of data. IDinsight, which helps leaders in developing countries apply evidence-based solutions to improve their social impact, partnered with Omidyar Network to create the State of Aadhaar project, which collects and analyzes data on the Aadhaar program.

Forum One worked with the IDinsight team to design a well structured and easily accessible database system, public-facing WordPress website, and suite of data visualizations for the State of Aadhaar project, with the goal of sharing unbiased data, research reports, and analysis on the Aadhaar program with the world.

Live site


Designing the Experience for Multiple Audiences

Forum One designed and developed a new WordPress site for the project to help IDinsight illustrate and share the impact of their work, and to streamline how they manage their large volume of data and documents behind the scenes with an easy-to-use content management system. Our team designed and developed the site’s information architecture, taxonomies, and structured detail pages to connect researchers, reporters, and other key site audiences with the right information.

Illustrating Key Insights with Flexible Data Visualizations

Our team worked with the IDinsight team to conceptualize and create an interactive set of data visualizations to illustrate and share the research results. We began by auditing the team’s research to understand the key points and data presentation needs, and evaluating a range of third-party data visualization tools to select the best fit for IDinsight.

We selected the Infogram tool for its ability to allow IDinsight’s non-technical content managers to easily create and update a range of visualizations, including charts, graphs, maps, timelines, and more. Our team integrated Infogram into the WordPress site, created an initial set of data visualizations using the tool, and provided staff training and design guidelines to the IDinsight team to create new visualizations going forward.

Building the Brand to Meet Future Needs

In addition to designing the new website and data visualizations, our team developed and implemented a comprehensive brand strategy for the State of Aadhaar program that included a new logo, a distinct color palette, and a cohesive visual identity system to establish a clear look and feel for the brand.

Connecting an Integrated Team, Half a World Away

This project presented the unique challenge of working closely with an IDinsight project team based on the other side of the world – 8,000 miles away in Mumbai, India. To connect effectively across a 10.5-hour time difference, Forum One developed and implemented a structured yet flexible project plan that emphasized video conferencing and an active, collaborative online working space that kept the project moving between real-time meetings.

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