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Forum One Partnered with amfAR (the Foundation for AIDS Research) to reimagine their Country Operational Plans (COPs) database to visualize how AIDS funding is being used around the world. Our team streamlined the user experience and updated the site’s visual style for improved clarity.

This is a groundbreaking project that allows researchers, funders, and international government users to spot never-before-seen connections and improve how they work together to combat AIDS.

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A Clear View of Complex Data

The sheer size of amfAR’s database, drawn from the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) data, made it difficult to sift through it and see important connections. We worked with amfAR to break down and reassemble the data in a new format that made it easier to find and understand the most crucial information.

We created D3 chart displays and bold styles for bar charts and line graphs, each illustrating how PEPFAR spending was allocated both geographically and over time.

When All the World’s a User

In the first week after launch, users from 40 different countries accessed the data and spent an average of 11.5 minutes exploring. With such a wide variety of users visiting the site from all over the world, we worked hard to craft a flexible yet intuitive user experience.

Our team made it easy to drill down further into details about countries, funding mechanisms, information on organizations, and other data points. We also incorporated a slide function on individual country pages so that users could view all data without having to navigate off the page.

Powerful Tools for Decision-Makers

A previously unmet need in this sector was to give global health ministers a clear view of past, current, and projected funding for their countries.

Our team worked with amfAR to create custom timelines to show how long each funding stream lasts, which organizations it was distributed to, the targeted populations and the funding mechanism. Officials get a full picture of the AIDS funding activities in their area to inform their future plans.

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"Forum One was able to very quickly learn our code base and work to refine a clumsy interface into something beautiful, intuitive, and functional."