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501(c)onference: Ultimate Communications Toolkit

“Team of one.” “Winging it.” If you’ve ever described yourself with these phrases, we get you. Your time is split between a million high-priority tasks, some you’ve never even done before! We’ve been there, too.

Enter the Ultimate Communications Toolkit! [*jazz hands*] This comprehensive guide offers practical information in virtually every area of communications, from how to develop a communications plan to what tools you need to raise awareness and funds. You’ll receive templates, checklists, and case studies that will help newbies and veterans alike tackle a variety of communications conundrums.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn core communications principles for your day-to-day activities and your long-term strategy
  • Take home templates, checklists, and worksheets to help strengthen your organization’s communications
  • Understand best practices and considerations for moving a printed piece online (a PDF doesn’t cut it!)


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