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Accessibility and Design: Create the Best Online Experience

You may have heard of the benefits of accessibility or know you need to prioritize it in your work. But you’re a little confused on what that means and what steps you need to take.

This webinar will clear up confusion and help you speak confidently about accessibility by providing:

  • An overview of accessibility in today’s digital landscape
  • An understanding of what it means at every stage of your project, from design to delivery.
  • An easy process your team can follow that will build off your existing accessibility knowledge.
  • Practical advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes when incorporating accessibility into your project.
  • Tips on how to build your team’s passion for web accessibility.

By the end of this webinar, you will have the right knowledge and tools to take immediate steps towards turning accessibility challenges into solutions.

Our Speaker

Kim Locraft, Design Director, Forum One

Kim designs user-focused, accessible, open source, print and web products, including our marketing materials. Kim holds an M.A. in History/Area Studies and a B.A. (double major) in Communications and French from Virginia Tech. She also earned certificates in Graphic Design and Web Design from Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, with the goal of working for cause-based organizations. She combines conceptual and analytical thinking to provide creative and effective design solutions for organizations dedicated to helping others.

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