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Breaking Down Data Silos: Analyzing Data Across Your Ecosystem

To truly make data-informed decisions in 2020, you need to be able to access all your data to effectively evaluate success. Like many mission-driven organizations, you may find that you have lots of data but it’s stuck in individual silos across your organization, making it very difficult to use in decision-making.

How does your website data relate to your social media data? How can your CRM contact management data help you to improve your understanding of your email outreach data? This webinar will help you get to the root of disparate data sources and understand the importance of bringing them together to more effectively advance your organizational goals. In this webinar we will explore:

  • Why our data keeps getting stuck in separate silos
  • How to start breaking down the walls between siloed data sources
  • The benefits of taking an iterative approach to your data analysis

By the end of this webinar, you will be ready to formulate a plan to break down your organization’s data silos in order to make confident and valuable decisions going forward. See you on January 22nd!

Our presenter

Jessica Gershman, Director of Data & Analytics, Forum One

As an expert in optimizing digital experiences and online content through data and analytics, Jessica works with some of the world’s most influential nonprofits and foundations to help them understand and connect with their audiences in order to reach their online goals. Her client accounts include USAID, Mercy Corps and the Hilton Foundation. Prior to joining Forum One, Jessica worked at Vox Media where she analyzed multimedia traffic and key performance indicators across eight publishing brands. Jessica earned her B.A. in English and Political Science at Dickinson College and holds a certificate in Data Science.

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