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Bring a Strong Brand Narrative to Your Engagement Campaign

As a digital communicator, you are intimately familiar with the role of an engagement campaign as part of your overall strategy. But as you look at the numbers coming in, are you wondering if your campaign is performing as well as it could? Are you wondering how you’re going to approach a next engagement campaign?

Join Jennifer Cobb, the Executive Director of United for News, and Joey Tackett, Managing Director of Branding at Forum One, as they discuss the role of a strong brand narrative in an engagement campaign and how it can position you to gain momentum and enhance success. 

Launched in January 2018 at the World Economic Forum, United for News is a coalition that seeks to transform media markets around the world so that citizens, businesses, and governments everywhere can benefit from the positive impact of high-quality, local news and information. Since its launch, the coalition has run a number of engagement campaigns towards reaching its goal.

Whether you are looking to breathe some life into your existing campaign or start up a new one from scratch, this webinar will explore best practices and the current trends as seen from Jennifer and Joey.

Our Presenters

Jennifer Cobb, Executive Director, United for News

Prior to founding United for News, Jennifer served as the Vice President of Strategic Outreach for Internews. She has served as a senior team member for start-up, nonprofit and corporate organizations. In addition to her work with a series of venture-backed technology companies, Jennifer was the founding director of the Computerworld Honors Awards, a co-founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute and the founding consultant for the Haas Jr. Fund’s Flexible Leadership Award program. She holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and an MA in ethics from Union Theological Seminary.

Joey Tackett, Managing Director of Branding, Forum One

Joey has built his career in developing and managing brands for associations, startups, and Fortune companies, with a focus on brands for cause-driven organizations and grassroots programs. Combining his training in television news with graphic arts, his approach puts visual storytelling at the core of brand building. His knack for crisp messaging, strong visual design and understanding of brand perceptions blend to create memorable brand experiences. He received his B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Marshall University.

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