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Build a Nonprofit Brand People Love

Are you telling the brand story your busy advocates or potential supporters actually want to hear?

Join Forum One’s nonprofit brand experts as we help you answer this question, by exploring the most common trends in our brand perception research among nonprofit advocates and stakeholders.   

In this webinar, we will explore:

  1. The three things you can tweak today to better engage with your audiences.
  2. The two imperative aspects of every message.
  3. How to create a brand management plan you can execute.

This webinar will be led by Forum One STUDIO, a dedicated brand experience team that works with leading nonprofits and government agencies to help communications and brand managers make sure their brand is an effective tool for engaging people.

Our Speakers

Sara Tetreault, Director, Brand Strategy

Sara has more than a decade of experience leading and delivering audience research studies, content strategies, and branding and messaging initiatives to move audiences and refine brand experiences. Sara has worked with a wide range of mission-driven organizations such as Internews, the Aspen Institute, the Smithsonian National Zoo, and the Brookings Institution.

Joey Tackett, Managing Director, Branding

Joey has built his career developing and managing brands for associations, startups, and Fortune 500 companies, with a focus in brands for cause-driven organizations and grassroots programs. Combining his training in television news with graphic arts, his approach puts visual storytelling at the core of brand building. His knack for crisp messaging, strong visual design and understanding of brand perceptions blend to create memorable brand experiences.

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