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Communicating Impact: Capturing 50 Years of Climate Wins in an Immersive Digital Experience

To mark its 50th anniversary of fighting climate change, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) wanted to collect, celebrate, and promote key milestones from the last 50 years. Then the pandemic hit, causing all the events that the NRDC team had planned as part of the rollout to be put on hold, creating a much bigger focus on a digital experience as the exclusive way to tell their anniversary story. And it worked. 

In the past year-and-a-half since its launch, the NRDC’s Fighting Polluters Since 1970 digital experience has proven to be a powerful tool in communicating to all NRDC audiences, including bringing internal staff together in powerful ways, to tell the Council’s stories and experiences of fighting for the climate.

In this webinar, we will go back to the very beginning to discuss the process of curating content, visualizing the digital experience, and involving internal teams along the way. 

You’ll learn more about:

  • The strategy, storytelling, and design process
  • How NRDC shifted their approach from a static website to an immersive digital experience
  • The challenges that NRDC faced and how they overcame them
  • Outreach and campaign planning and how they are continuing to use the site today

You’ll leave the session with some inspiring and practical ideas around how to tell the story of impact, and how to create a lasting, immersive digital experience for your audiences.


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