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Data Governance: There Is No “I” in “Data”

This special online seminar is reserved for Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) members only. Registration is available upon login through the above registration link.

One of the most challenging parts of data management and governance is identifying where all of your data lives and who takes responsibility for it. Making the most out of your data often means bringing multiple people across different teams together to ensure that everyone’s needs are met by your data ecosystem.

We typically see two scenarios on either side of the spectrum. On one end, all of your data lives under one person or one team’s control, and any administrative changes or reporting requests must go through them. On the other end, you’re in an organization where data sources are scattered across many individuals or teams and it’s hard to paint a full picture of what you have. 

In this seminar, we’ll discuss why data management and governance need to be a team sport with cooperation from different stakeholders and groups across your organization in order to make the most of your data. 

Specifically, we’ll explore:

  • Who you should bring to the table for data conversations
  • The key principles of data governance and how you can apply them across your teams
  • Why you should work toward democratizing data access

By the end of this seminar, you will have a better understanding of how to approach your own organization’s data governance, and be ready to take steps to make positive changes.


  • Jess Gershman, Data Analytics Director, Forum One
  • Jenny Cooke Smith, Senior Strategic Consultant, CASE
  • Mark Koenig, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President, Technology of Oregon State University Foundation

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