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Developing Effective and Engaging Webinars in 2021

This year, we all shifted our in-person event strategies into virtual ones. Conferences, roundtables, trainings, and meet-and-greets have all gone online. As we prepare to step into 2021, the importance of effective and engaging virtual events remains the same. So as we grapple with “Zoom fatigue” and all events remaining virtual for the time being, how can we create valuable virtual webinars and events that people want to attend?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss lessons learned over the last year, and how organizations can adapt to produce digital events that are more engaging for those joining live, and remain relevant and interesting for those who will watch the recording afterward and engage with follow-up content.

We’ll discuss:

  • Initial concepting and preparation
  • Digital promotion
  • Live audience engagement
  • Post-webinar outreach and content approaches

By the end of this webinar, you will walk away with the confidence to elevate your 2021 webinar strategy, practical tips to develop an engaging webinar, and ideas to optimize your post-webinar outreach.


Christina Crawley, Managing Director, Marketing, Forum One

Kassandra Swenson, Marketing Operations Specialist, Forum One

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