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Website Modernization: Migrating to Digital Government Services

The global pandemic has revealed just how needed modernizing service delivery at the Federal, state, and local is. Many agencies are now grappling with how to deliver government services in the digital age, and keep pace with citizens’ expectations and need to access government services at any time, through any device. Meanwhile, accounting for accessibility and equity among their constituents is non-negotiable. Now government agencies are faced with the question: ok, so how do we migrate to digital government services?  

Most government digital ecosystems are a complex web of platforms, systems, and governance models that are often delicate and difficult to untangle. Some elements may be new, others old and mysterious, but how they connect and work together (or not) is often the biggest challenge that governments face as they look to modernize their digital structures.

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and practical strategies to move forward. Specifically, we’ll explore:

  • Getting a baseline understanding of your existing tech stack
  • Developing priorities for system migrations
  • Creating a modernization plan for digital government services 
  • Implementing new governance structures for development and long-term operations


This webinar is an ideal fit for Federal, state, and local government staff who are either leading or involved in managing and updating digital tools and platforms. 


  • Mike Shoag, Vice President of Government Services, Forum One
  • Brian Stewart, Senior Government Executive, Siteimprove

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