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How & When to Create Custom AI/ML Solutions in Government

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) are changing the way we interact, write, and work. Government agencies that are early adopters are seeing huge benefits in efficiency.  

Whether through off-the-shelf tools like ChatGPT, or custom solutions, in this webinar we will discuss how AI has impacted some government agencies and how you can think about using AI in your work.  Learn how the latest innovations in AI can affect and support the public sector.

Areas we’ll be exploring:

  • Where can AI help improve government now? 
  • What are examples of how the Federal government is using AI today? 
  • How can agencies get started using AI/ML now?

This webinar is ideal for government digital program leaders, and those interested in using AI for government. 

Our Speakers

Alexis Bonnell, Emerging Technology Evangelist

As the former Chief Innovation Officer of USAID, Alexis had the privilege of working with thousands of innovators, inside and outside of USAID who are changing the world and helping millions of people become self-reliant. In 2018, USAID received a 10/10 in Innovation in the “Results for America” study of Federal Agencies. She previously served as the Chief of Applied Innovation & Acceleration in the U.S. Global Development Lab, of USAID, one of the premier Innovation Labs in the development industry, that she helped create in 2014. She serves as a key spokesperson and “Innovation Evangelist” across the industry driving innovation and modernization.

Jay Finch, CEO, Polydelta

Jay is the founder and CEO of Polydelta, a platform that helps to deliver public sector outcomes with AI. Jay has advised U.S. Federal agencies on digital transformation strategy as the 18F Director of Agency Partnerships and Senior Advisor at the Technology Transformation service within GSA. He was recognized in Forbes magazine 30 under 30 for law and policy and as a Rising Star by FederalComputer Week. ‍Jay earned a B.A. from Villanova University, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and an MS from the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow.‍

Mike Shoag, VP of Government Services, Forum One

As VP of government services, Mike ensures that Forum One addresses the unique challenges of its Federal, state, and local clients. Mike brings expertise gained over two decades of working with government and multilateral agencies, including large portfolios of projects for USAID, EPA, DOI, USDA, Peace Corps and the World Bank. Mike is a regular speaker on digital innovation in government and guides the Forum One team in building strategies for helping our governments be more effective through digital solutions. Mike is currently writing a book on how AI can help solve challenges in international development.

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