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Inclusive Design: Design With, Not for Your Audiences

Inclusive design means that your audiences have a hand in the solution. They are a part of the creation process, not just a research subject. As nonprofits and government agencies design digital products and services, how can they ensure that the end result truly connects with as many people as possible?

“Nothing about us without us.” This was the slogan heard during the 1990s from disability activists in the United States when accessibility policies were being written without the involvement or consultation of those most affected by them. Today this sentiment remains relevant as we look across the digital landscape. Every day, there are digital products being designed and launched without any input or participation from their key audiences.

Enter inclusive design, where you design with your audiences, not for them. During this talk you’ll learn:

  • Why inclusive design is vital to nonprofits and government agencies
  • The challenges and benefits of inclusive design
  • How to incorporate inclusive design practices into your work

This webinar is ideal for a range of audiences, such as:

  • Organizational leaders because designing with your audiences may be a new approach that benefits from leadership emphasis and prioritization.
  • Designers because you can connect audiences with the design process and activities.
  • Project managers because you can identify places where audience co-creation is most useful, given your timeline and budget.
  • Accessibility advocates because you know the value of incorporating audiences into the process.

By the end of our session, you’ll have the resources you need to help your organization take a more inclusive design approach.


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