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Modernizing Oregon Metro’s Digital Landscape: A Drupal Journey of Integration, Inclusivity, & Impact

Join Forum One and Oregon Metro at DrupalCon 2024 as we unveil the Drupal-driven transformation of Oregon Metro’s digital presence. Since 2019, our collaborative efforts have laid the groundwork for transitioning from five standalone Drupal 7 websites to a centralized, maintainable ecosystem of Drupal websites, optimizing for upgradability and shared dependencies. This journey includes the integration of key venues, such as the Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Convention Center, into a unified platform, driven by teamwork and commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

As technical advisors, we’ve defined the platform concept, emphasized multilingual features, and upheld accessibility standards. Our approach leverages data analysis, audience insights, and strategic planning to create a more inclusive digital experience. A highlight is the recent redesign of the Oregon Zoo’s website, prioritizing accessibility, multilingual capabilities, and a mobile-first approach, offering seamless user experiences with ticketing and donation system integrations.

Join us for a session showcasing Drupal’s role in driving long-term digital modernization and multi-site integration. Discover the strategies, insights, and achievements behind Oregon Metro’s journey toward a more inclusive and engaging digital experience for a diverse audience.

Three learning objectives for the session

  • Formulate a strategic plan for developing a modern, maintainable Drupal ecosystem to support shared standards and features across multiple web properties including multilingual, accessibility and other standards, based on the Oregon Metro case study.
  • Leverage Drupal as a powerful tool for enhancing digital user experiences, including mobile optimization, integrations with ticketing and donation systems, and the development of accessible and multilingual digital properties, drawing inspiration from the Oregon Zoo website redesign.
  • Gain insights into audience-driven data analysis and strategic planning, enabling them to create more inclusive and engaging digital experiences for their organizations or clients, while adhering to DrupalCon’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.


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