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#MW21: Conversational Marketing: Can Chatbots Increase Engagement with Your Museum?

How-to Session

This past year has challenged cultural institutions and museums to explore new engagement channels — from helping online users to more easily find what they are looking for, to engaging them in an educational and inspiring virtual experience. As online users attempt to navigate all that is out there (and there is more than ever!), conversational marketing can provide a user-friendly approach that gets them engaging sooner and more deeply.

Research shows that the average conversion rate on a website is generally around ~1%, which means that a lot of the hard work that is put into creating those pages isn’t creating the right amount of engagement. As the commercial sector focuses on a more digital approach to doing business, museums also need to consider new approaches to truly engage their online visitors.

Conversational marketing allows for a dialogue to start sooner than later. A quick question or offer to help can be the difference between an average conversion rate, and healthy engagement. In this session, we’ll explore the concept of conversational marketing, and how starting a two-way conversation directly on your website can channel interest right away, and create valuable connections.

Specifically, we’ll tackle:

  • What is conversational marketing, and how does it work?
    How to create a more personal approach to your digital content to deepen user engagement and facilitate user journeys
  • Why conversational marketing makes a lot of sense for cultural institutions and museums

By the end of this talk, you’ll have a good sense of the key concepts of conversational marketing, and how you can consider applying it to your museum’s engagement priorities.


Christina Crawley, Managing Director, Marketing, Forum One

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