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Navigating Your Drupal 7 Upgrade

Drupal GovCon 2021, October 13th-15th

Are you ready to upgrade your organization’s Drupal 7 website? Now is a great time to get this ball rolling, as well as an opportunity to tackle your team’s larger website wishlists.

Before actually embarking on your Drupal upgrade, take a step back to consider what works well on your current website, and what needs to improve in the next iteration.

Specific items to consider are:

  • What pain points do you have when it comes to editing content, creating landing pages with complex layouts, or reusing content.
  • Are there any situations that have required you to “break the rules” to publish content using custom HTML? Have you had to get creative and use a content type for something other than what it was designed to do?
  • Have your content needs significantly changed since the site was built? What content do you wish you could publish but currently aren’t able to?
  • Is there any functionality or content that exists on the site which you definitely don’t need anymore?
  • What do you love about your current website that you want to replicate or expand on?


Brian Tofte-Shumacker, Technical Architect, Forum One

Brian is a full-stack web developer working with Drupal, WordPress and static generation tools. He aims to build websites that are intuitive for content editors to manage and end-users to navigate. He is an active participant in Seattle’s local Drupal community and has an interest in accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Brian worked on the digital transformation of UW Medicine’s website with Drupal 8 and was a digital communications manager at an international LGBTI human rights nonprofit. He graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. double-major in Management Information Systems and Spanish Language & Literature.

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