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New Year, New Strategy: Making Your Content Work in 2018

Everyone has a different definition of content, and everyone likely has a different way of explaining the strategy around their content.

If you’ve been wondering what people mean when they talk about “content strategy,” you are not alone! Let’s solve the mystery once and for all and learn some quick steps you can take to make your content work for you.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What content strategy means in the digital world
  • How you can start thinking through your content strategy
  • How you need to approach your content planning for 2018

We’ll also explore how to link your messaging and organizational strategy with your content to help you extend your influence and achieve your mission.

Our Presenter:

Sara Tetreault, Creative Strategy Director

Sara’s experience spans a wide range of communications areas such as social media, editorial, design, and content strategy, with a focus on health policy issues. Sara earned her bachelor’s degrees in English and Communications at Eastern Connecticut State University and her master’s in Early Modern Culture and Literature at the University of Sussex. Her experience in developing healthcare communications strategy has included topic areas such as population health management, accountable care, public health, and medical group management.

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