Events Webinar
Planning an Engaging Virtual Event

Organizations everywhere are being forced to rethink their in-person events. Transitioning to a live broadcast, be it a Zoom Meeting or Facebook Live, often seems like the obvious solution for our current reality, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the right answer. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore how organizations can host an engaging virtual event by preserving what makes their in-person events exciting or informative for attendees, how to choose technology that works for you, and how to go about planning for the event.

You will learn:

  • How to create a clearly defined strategy for a successful virtual event
  • The elements of a great virtual event
  • Levels of production and investment to consider
  • Contingency planning for your virtual event

By the end of this session, you will be able to develop a staffing plan and understand the key roles in producing an event, determine your equipment and technology needs, and develop a run of show, contingency plan and other key documents.

Our Speaker

Steven Bond, Director of Strategy, Forum One

Director of Digital Strategy at Forum One, Steven brings a decade of experience helping organizations implement integrated digital strategies to engage their audiences, build partnerships, and realize innovative ideas. He comes to Forum One from the IMRE marketing agency, where he led successful teams to develop, implement, measure, and optimize the performance of omnichannel strategies and campaigns for dozens of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with organizations like The Honest Company, Jefferson Health Design Lab, and the NYU Empathy Project to help them understand and engage their audiences across their digital and social media channels. He also co-founded Livehelper, a startup company focused on helping clients engage with visitors to their websites in real-time.

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