Service Design DC Meetup

Celebrating Service Design Day: Pecha Kucha Night!

For this year’s Global Service Design Day, Service Design DC will be coming together on Zoom for five Pecha Kucha presentations loosely centered around the global theme “Do Good – Give Back.” Join Tim Shaw, Forum One’s User Experience Director, and other speakers from 6:30-8:00 pm EST on Monday, June 1, 2020, for an evening of Service Design inspiration

If you haven’t experienced Pecha Kucha before, you’re in for a treat! Each presentation is exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds long, with 20 slides at 20 seconds each. The selected speakers are going to regale us on service design-related case studies, methods, frameworks, and perspectives from various sectors ranging from government, commercial, and non-profit.

There will also be some time for introductions and networking as well, all clocking in around an hour and a half. (Zoom fatigue is real!).


About Tim Shaw’s session:

Title: Mawwiage: Process flow + blueprint = TLA

The Office of Head Start (under US Dept. of Health & Human Services), offers a service for parents, staff, and community members served by a Head Start facility to submit a complaint about that facility to OHS to help in resolution. It’s an impressive bit of transparency for a government agency, and they actually want to make it even better! After conducting some research to document the current state of the service, Tim started to create a service blueprint and he quickly discovered that the underlying process was full of decision points and alternate paths, and the linear service blueprint just didn’t fit. In casting about for a solution, he created a marriage – mawwiage, for you Princess Bride fans – of a process flow and a service blueprint that he believes allowed him to show the entire service and its various permutations while also retaining the front-stage/back-stage, roles, supporting systems, and other swimlanes from a blueprint.


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