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Service Design: Where Social Impact Meets Innovation

Service design in the commercial sector is an essential part of crafting clear, seamless, and positive experiences for consumers. It allows companies to improve the overall customer experience and create long-term loyalty. How can the social sector use service design tactics to grow and engage audiences more deeply and improve efficiency internally?

Service design is all about crafting and improving touchpoints in a process. Think about when you plan a trip: when you engage with an airline to search, book and eventually take a flight, you walk through a process that is deeply rooted in service design. From the branding and messaging you read online, to the way you are welcomed on board both by airline representatives, videos, and printed materials (including napkins and snack packaging), the company uses service design to map out each touchpoint you have with them. On the customer side, they do this to make sure that you have a positive experience, choose them again for your next flight, and/or recommend them to your friends and colleagues. On the internal side, they do this to streamline internal systems, reduce redundancy, and increase efficiency. 

Organizations around the world, from startups to governmental agencies, are embracing service design in an effort to meet increasing customer demands and identify innovative opportunities. It has the power to shape preferences and loyalty for years to come, as well as build trust and confidence. 

So, how can the social sector use service design to create positive change in the world?

In this webinar, we will explore how the principles of service design, and the mapping of touchpoints across your digital communications and ecosystems, have the power to increase engagement and support for the work that you do. 

We will discuss:

  • The fundamentals of service design: what is it, really?
  • How journey maps work to define audience touchpoints
  • Examples of service design in the commercial, government and nonprofit sectors

By the end of this webinar, you will have a solid understanding of the principles of service design, and an excellent stepping off point to explore how your organization can use it to improve and optimize how you engage with your target audiences.

Our speakers

Julia Bradshaw, User Experience Designer, Forum One

Julia creates compelling, intuitive, and beautiful user experiences for our clients. She champions the user and recommends strategies and designs to fulfill their needs. Prior to joining Forum One, Julia worked as a social and economic policy researcher, where she collected and analyzed data on national policies related to homelessness, runaway youth, Hispanic families in the U.S., and job search assistance programs. She was a double major in International Studies and Economics, earning her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. Julia is also a graduate from General Assembly, earning her Certificate in User Experience Design.

Courtney Clark, Vice President, Design, Forum One

Courtney Clark is the Vice President of Design at Forum One. She’s a user experience designer and content strategist with over a decade of experience designing for nonprofits, foundations, and government. She brings design thinking and strategy to project teams and clients. Some of her recent clients include Peace Corps, Smithsonian, American Red Cross, MacArthur Foundation, and California Air Resources Board.

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