Tech, Rebalanced Hackathon

About the event: A day for underrepresented genders in tech, from experienced coders to total newbies, to gather for civic hacking, training, and community building in a supportive environment.

Our very own User Experience Designer, Julia Bradshaw, will be leading a workshop about service design.

Location: MakeOffices at the Wharf, 800 Maine Ave SW #200, Washington, DC

About Tech, Rebalanced: They started to get more underrepresented genders (women, trans, and non-binary folks) into tech. Each year in D.C. hundreds gather for a day of friendly learning and hacking. Coders, tech strategists, newbies, nerds, and the curious are all welcome! They are committed to building:

  • An Open, Transparent and Community-Driven Movement
  • An Inclusive and Safe Space
  • A Sustainable Organization with a Strong Foundation

You can also join Julia and Tech, Rebalanced for the Kickoff Party!

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