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Is Your Digital Ecosystem Helping or Hurting Your Fundraising?

Before donors even write a check, or click the donate button, they typically go through several points of contact with your organization. Increasingly, these interactions are happening digitally. How can you make sure they are as seamless and positive as possible?

The tools that you use shape the way your donors experience your organization — for good and for bad. Your digital tools also affect your organization’s ability to work effectively. Systems that don’t talk to one another, and reports that require manual updating, are a drain on productivity, budget and morale.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through the key questions to ask and how to set up your technology to optimize your fundraising efforts:

  • What is a digital ecosystem and why does it matter to fundraisers?
  • How do your donors interact with your digital ecosystem?
  • How are you measuring the impact of your fundraising strategies?

By the end of this webinar, you’ll be equipped to examine the tools and practices that make up your organization’s digital ecosystem and be able to identify where you need to optimize these connections and approaches to better reach your fundraising goals.

Our Presenters

Elisabeth Bradley, Digital Strategy Director, Forum One
Elisabeth has over a decade of experience working with leading national and global nonprofits. She uses her background in digital communications, fundraising and project management to partner with clients to craft and execute solutions to meet their unique challenges. Prior to joining Forum One, Elisabeth led major donor and development strategies for both the League of Conservation Voters and the Nature Conservancy. Elisabeth holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Columbia University and a Master’s in Global Policy Studies from the University of Texas.

Jeff Traynor, Solutions Director, Forum One
Jeff has over 10 years of experience working with both small and enterprise level organizations to manage and optimize their digital properties. Jeff  identifies technical and creative solutions that allow nonprofits, foundations and government agencies to be more efficient, as well as better connected across all organizational properties and tools. Prior to joining Forum One, Jeff managed the delivery of large-scale Drupal and Atlassian projects for the higher education, healthcare, and arts and entertainment sectors. Jeff holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Calgary.

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