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508 Compliance: Strategic & Beautiful

Did you know…

508 Compliance is not just a government requirement; it is an easy way to expand your reach and your impact. And despite what you may have heard, 508 compliant design does not have to be boring and stale. The principles of compliance and accessibility are the exact same principles as strategic, user-friendly, and beautiful design

In other words, 508 compliant design is beautiful design.

508 Compliance and accessibility are not just for websites, but for all your communications products. This includes Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, and infographics.

Want to learn more? That’s where Forum One comes in.

Our Expertise:

  • Presenting 508 Compliance from a practical, humanizing standpoint, and defining compliance versus accessibility.
  • Providing the principles you need to ensure that both your digital and print products meet 508 Compliance standards.
  • Helping you approach projects so that the compliance process is easy.
  • Changing your perspective. You will no longer see 508 Compliance as a “have to” but rather a “want to.”

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